Jerry ``DarkWolf`` Hicks

Presentation Information: A Journey through Mandela Effect Theories

Jerry “Darkwolf” Hicks will talk about the theories surrounding the cause of the Mandela Effect. From Cern to
Simulation he will cover it all.

Jerry Hicks (A.K.A. DarkWolf) is a paranormal researcher with more then 25 years of experience and research under his belt, whose main topic of focus is the Mandela Effect. Jerry is the founder of the annual West Coast Mandela Effect Conference and current president of the International Mandela Effect Conference (IMEC). He enjoys creating projects to bring together the Mandela effect community as a whole in order to try to find an answer to this most amazing phenomenon. He is also partially responsible for pulling together the #MERT (Mandela Effect Research Team) on twitter as well as the first person to do a Theory based Mandela Effect YouTube channel, which is still active to this day covering all of the main theories concerning the cause of the Mandela Effect while remaining based in the scientific realm.

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Tom Campbell

Presentation Information: The Mandela Effect—A Natural Artifact of the Nature of Consciousness

The Mandela Effect has an assortment of causes, but at the base of the phenomenon, one finds that it is simply a natural artifact of the nature of consciousness. I will explain the fundamental nature of both our reality and our consciousness. From this understanding, I will describe four different attributes of consciousness that contribute to both an individual and collective Mandela Effect.

Thomas W. Campbell is the author of the My Big TOE trilogy that “unifies science and philosophy, physics and metaphysics, mind and matter, purpose and meaning, the normal and the paranormal,” as well as shines a light on the common spiritual basis of the world’s major religions, while placing belief, dogma, and creed into a bigger picture. A former NASA physicist, Tom worked as a large complex systems analyst by day and collected evidential information in the larger consciousness system by night.

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Roger Marsh

Presentation Information: TruthBubble: Navigating Realms of Reality and Our Societal Shift from Fear to Love

The Mandela Effect is a significant sign inviting us into a higher level of consciousness. We are positively evolving and The Mandela Effect is playfully indicating our time is now. How can we best say YES to this invitation and all that it offers us? What does it mean that reality is far more malleable than it at first appears? And how can we best work with it, shaping it into preferred realities and experiences? In this experiential
presentation, Roger will reveal key elements and practices he has discovered are essential to becoming the Artists of Reality that we all are, shifting from fear to love and navigating our way throughout eternity.

Roger Kenneth Marsh is committed to evolving humanity to a more peaceful, joyful, and love-based state. Contributing to this mission he is: author of NexGen Human – A Modern Age Path to Fulfillment, and TruthBubble – Navigating Realms of Reality and Our Societal Shift from Fear to Love; founder of the Institute for Divine Energy Alignment and Living (IDEAL), a 501c3 non-profit supporting our shift from fear to love; a facilitator and trainer with Integral Transformative Practice International, a 501c3 supporting positive evolution in body, mind, heart and soul; a HeartMath® Coach providing tools and techniques to access heart-based intelligence; and a leadership and team coach opening hearts and minds of leaders around the world. With a Bachelor of Science in engineering and a Master’s in Business Administration, he brings a grounded and pragmatic approach to the further development of our human capacities. Visit his Author Page on Amazon to learn more and access his books in paperback, kindle, and audio versions.

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Cynthia Sue Larson

Presentation Information: Science of the Mandela Effect

Current commonly accepted definitions for the Mandela Effect contain both mistaken assumptions and logical errors. Thanks to new findings from scientific research over the past several years, we can more accurately define what is meant by the term, “Mandela Effect,” based on our ever-improving awareness of what the Mandela Effect is showing us.

Cynthia Sue Larson is the best-selling author of several books including Quantum Jumps, Reality Shifts, and High Energy Money. Cynthia has a degree in physics from UC Berkeley, an MBA degree, a Doctor of Divinity, and a second degree black belt in Kuk Sool Won. Cynthia is founder of RealityShifters, first president of the International Mandela Effect Conference, managing director of Foundations of Mind, and creator and host of Living the Quantum Dream podcast. She has been featured in numerous shows including Gaia, the History Channel, Coast to Coast AM, One World with Deepak Chopra, and BBC. Cynthia reminds us to ask in every situation, “How good can it get?” Subscribe to her free monthly ezine at:

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Christopher Anatra

Presentation Information: Secrets of the Matrix

Is all the world a stage and the men and woman merely players? In this presentation, I’ll reveal why I have used the Quantum Businessman as my pseudo stage name and why this is the only timeline where I am publicly speaking out about this type of information. The concept of this experience being a game will be explored including secrets of how this experience of holographic hard light technology works. Mandela
Effects have revealed that this experience is more than meets the eye. I’ll use the cereal aisle in the grocery store and the latest in cymatics art to show both how the matrix works and how we are rendering our Avatar, like software, in a super advanced video game. Do Mandela Effects have hidden meanings? In the last of a three-part presentation, Sean Bond and I will decode the possible hidden meanings of the missing Cornucopia in the Fruit of the Loom brand of underwear and how you can learn to decode the secret messages in Mandela Effects.

You know Christopher Anatra as the Quantum Businessman. He’s the President and CEO of a computer software company specializing in food distribution which he started in 1990. At the end of 2016, Chris began a spiritual awakening process which has been continuing to this day. Part of that process involved the Mandela Effect and how that phenomenon was changing the names of food products that my clients dealt
with daily. This included the famous HAAS avocados to always being HASS avocados, or products like Stouffer’s Stove Top Stuffing never existing.

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Sean Bond

Presentation Information: Secrets of the Matrix

Sean Bond is the founder of Silver Cord Spiritual Science and the Psionic League. He is a psychic, psionic specialist and healer with a vast skill-set which includes tapping into the quantum database of Earth’s Akashic records, accessing past life knowledge skill sets and dormant abilities. Sean can assist in creating operating systems to help individuals manifest dormant abilities that unlock their psychic potential and upgrade the body’s energy systems. Everyone embodies spiritual technology which encompasses an infinite scope of possibility’s, such as connecting the individual with their spiritual entourage, their higher selves, Great Spirit/The Creator, the Earth Mother’s realms and/or other expressions of themselves through-out time and space to resolve issues and exchange wisdom, knowledge and skill sets.

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John Kirwin

Presentation Information: Biblical Analysis of the Mandela Effect: Seven Questions the Unconvinced Cannot Answer

John will be revealing how to get the unconvinced to agree that the human memory is reliable and that what we are experiencing is a phenomenon. These questions eliminate the only argument of the unconvinced…. “misremembering.” Once that is out of the way, they have nothing left but to agree.

John Kirwin has served in full and part-time ministry as a worship leader and pastor for over 30 years. He is the founder of Wakeuporelse, a 508 (c) (1) online Christian fellowship for the Truther community. With close to 5,000 subscribers and over 100,000 hours of views, Wakeuporelse PMA has been providing insight into the Truther’s journey since 2017.

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Megan ``Meegs B``

Presentation Information: The Answer to the Mandela Effect: The Prophetic Significance of the Bible Changes

A discussion of the Mandela Effect that reaches to the very heart of the issue of who or what is ultimately the mastermind behind the Mandela Effect? How is it working, and have we seen anything like this in history before? What kind of conclusions can we draw from the Mandela Effect changes to the Christian Bible? Could the Bible changes be a signpost pointing to the originator of this madness? This discussion is for the
atheist, the agnostic, and the Bible-believing Christian alike. It’s time that we who see the Mandela Effect take into account what the changes to the Christian Bible are saying to us, and the possible prophetic significance behind them.

Meegs B is an avid researcher of truth-related and alternative topics. She has an eponymous Youtube channel that covers a wide range of topics within the conspiracy/ paranormal/ supernatural umbrella from a Christian viewpoint. She was born into a Pentecostal household, turned to atheism in young adulthood, and then had a
complete conversion to biblical Christianity in 2016 and has dedicated herself to the study of theology and biblical exegesis ever since. She has had a deep interest in the Mandela Effect and the supernatural changes to the Christian scriptures ever since discovery of the changes to the bible lead to her conversion to the Christian faith in 2016.

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Shane Robinson

Presentation Information: Mandela Effect – A Gift for the Game of Life

What if this reality we find ourselves in is actually a well-orchestrated role playing adventure game? All taking place within a thought driven consciousness system we call the Matrix. Morpheus, in the movie The Matrix, describes it as our enemy. But what if it is only doing what we’ve designed it to do? After discovering the gift called “The Mandela Effect” I began to not only observe seemingly impossible changes in my reality, but also receive intelligent messages from the changes I observed. The Mandela Effect has helped me discover our reality is nothing like we’ve been told. It’s way more magical. For me, the Mandela Effect was a huge awakening to the limitless potential we all have. Although it took me a year of knowing about the Mandela
Effect before truly experiencing it in a profound way, everything has unfolded for me perfectly. This journey has helped me to understand many of the strange responses we seem to get when we bring up the Mandela Effect to someone previously unaware of it. The Mandela Effect is a wonderful tool for awakening others and understanding a deeper level of how this reality works. We’ve heard it said “We create our reality” but how true is that statement? And if we do create our reality, at what level do we create it? Is there really free will? My research into the Mandela Effect helped me to make sense of all of this and realize the reciprocal interactive nature of reality. What happens when you begin to view reality as an interactive game? I invite you
on a fun thought experiment where we explore this question and consider the implication of such a reality. If this is some sort of construct, might we begin to recognize the underlying mechanics of how it works? And with that understanding one can begin to recognize objectives and move through them more efficiently, discover the purpose for entering the game to begin with and have an all-around more fulfilling, happy and divinely productive life. This perspective isn’t about adopting a new world view. This is about utilizing the imagination to reframe everything we experience; shifting our perspective from being a victim in an uncertain world, to being the well-equipped hero player of our unique adventure of self-discovery.

Shane C. Robinson a.k.a. Shane Cornell, is an artist, musician, researcher, co-author of “Mandela Effect Friend or Foe, creator and host of the YouTube channel “Unbiased & on the Fence”, currently on the board of The International Mandela Effect Conference (IMEC) and conducting private one on one Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) sessions for clients online. After a life-long journey of searching for deeper truths to the meaning of life, Shane felt as if this journey had finally come to a dead end, and that there were no answers that could ever satisfy the basic, yet fundamental questions he had about our existence here on Earth. This would ultimately lead to what Shane considers his ‘dark night of the soul’ in late 2016. By February 2017 Shane decided to
start a YouTube channel “Unbiased & on the Fence” to explore different world views and ideas held by others. Not long after starting the channel, Shane realized the Mandela Effect was a very real phenomenon. This triggered a huge awakening for Shane and many of the viewers of his YouTube channel. After extensive research into the possible causes of the Mandela Effect, Shane felt no explanations fit as well as the
consideration that this was a supernatural event caused by some benevolent force or agency trying to awaken humanity without violating free will. This idea was confirmed when he read the book, The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth, by Dolores Cannon. In 2019 Shane, along with Eileen Colts, Paulo Pinto and Vannessa VA co-authored the book “Mandela Effect: Friend or Foe?” Shane’s visual art can be found under the name Shane Robinson, and his work as a recording artist and producer can be found under Shane Cornell. Shane lives in Tulsa Oklahoma with his wife of 30 years, 5 children and 2 grandchildren. Shane considers himself a Lightworker with the primary mission of helping raise human consciousness to a more aware, peaceful, loving, harmonious Christ Consciousness. For more information or to contact Shane, visit

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Dan Hennessey

Presentation Information: Ushering in a New Reality: the Mandela Effect, DMT, & Love

Right now we are evolving from simply experiencing the dream we call reality to becoming the conscious manifester of a new reality dreamscape. The Mandela Effect is just the tip of the iceberg indicating our collective consciousness shift into a higher vibration of love and oneness. In this talk, I will discuss the Mandela Effect, my experiences with DMT, and how this all translates to humanity freeing itself one by one
from the current Matrix game. This is an exciting time for us all! Are you ready to make the shift?

Dan Hennessey is a wellness, health, and mindset coach who has been helping people for 17 years to use quantum understanding to transform their reality to one they most prefer. Dan and his wife run a lifestyle transformation company called with online courses, one-on-one coaching, and talks to
help people effortlessly make quantum shifts and embody their Highest Self to experience more inner peace, joy, and abundance.

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Tete DesJours

Presentation Information: Mandela Effect is an opportunity to shift into a world of your choosing: Would like to know more?

This presentation provides a relatable way to comprehend the paradox of the Mandela Effec, entertaining a first principles approach. Tete will cover what he thinks it is, and what he think it is not, while helping everyone deal with an issue that seemed to be plaguing most people who are experiencing it and the frustration experienced when trying to share it with those who haven’t.

Tete DesJours is an Air Force vet with a background in cryptology, linguistics, cyber warfare and network engineering. Tete lives in the Yucatan, and knows something changed in 2016. Tete applied training in Arabic and French to other languages and disciplines such as Latin, Hebrew, Spanish, indigenous religions, ancient theology and mystic/mathematical probability theories to the Tarot, Runes, Automatic writing. Soon Alchemy, Rosicrucianism, Sacred Geometry, Synchronicity, Jungian Psychology all started blending together and complementing each other as if they were all the same languages spoken about the same thing but from different perspectives. That the Mandela Effect (ME) experience was a signal, a form of communication to help us locate our place in the 0 point of life’s purpose. Through the gift of Claircognizance, Tete was able to communicate with his past self to cause his own personal ME’s and know from a multidimensional perspective who he’s meant to be in the future.

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Alicia Thompson

Presentation Information: The Backside of the Looking Glass: Viewing Reality From A Different Perspective

The Mandela Effect gives us an opportunity to see our world from a “backwards” viewpoint, opening our minds to see that all we believe is fixed is actually fluid, and possessing truths and meanings we have not been conditioned to consider. The first half of this presentation analyzes 5-7 specific Mandela Effects regarding how they might represent a manifestation of evolved consciousness. The second half discusses easy-to-do reality experiments taken from Pam Grout’s 2014 book, “E-Squared.”

Alicia Thompson was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA., but her spirit hails from the stars. She has two YA science fiction novels available on, as well as a short story in the anthology “When Other People Saw Us, They Saw The Dead”. She first became aware of the Mandela Effect in 2016, but has been obsessed with the paranormal and high strangeness since she was a child.

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Day 1:

Our esteemed panelists, consisting of renowned thought leaders and Mandela Effect experiencers, delve deep into the fascinating realm of consciousness. We’ll explore how the Mandela Effect challenges our understanding of reality, suggesting a profound interconnectedness between our thoughts, beliefs, and the fabric of the universe itself. Prepare to expand your mind as we unravel the mysteries of memory, perception, and the quantum nature of our existence. Join our passionate speakers as they share personal stories, anecdotes, and insights that highlight the transformative power of consciousness and love in a world where reality itself seems to be in flux.

Day 2:

In this thought-provoking panel discussion, our esteemed speakers come together to explore the intriguing phenomenon of the Mandela Effect and its impact on the Bible. They share their diverse perspectives on the reported changes in biblical texts that have sparked widespread debate and curiosity. Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of Mandela Effects and the implications they have on our understanding of history, reality, and faith. Stay tuned for a captivating discussion that challenges conventional notions and invites you to ponder the mysteries of the Mandela Effect’s influence on religious texts.

Day 3:

Join Jerry “Dark Wolf” Hicks, Cynthia Sue Larson, Tete Dejours and Alicia Thompson for the grand finale of the Mandela Effects Conference! In this captivating panel discussion, our distinguished experts will delve deep into the fascinating world of Mandela Effects, exploring the unexplained phenomena that challenge our perceptions of reality. Get ready to uncover the secrets, share your own experiences, and engage in thought-provoking discussions with our panelists. Don’t miss this opportunity to unravel the mysteries of memory and reality.