“REVELATIONS of the Mandela Effect”

LIVE STREAMING: June 20th-26th 2020 from Connecticut

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Who We Are

Who We Are

We come together from many walks of life, with a mutual passion to share positive, transformative information about the Mandela Effect. We are artists, authors, and visionaries dedicated to validating peoples’ experiences with the Mandela Effect.

Regina Meredith

Regina Meredith

Keynote Guest Speaker

The demand for Regina’s unique perspective on a variety of subjects has drawn attention from conference organizers, moving her into the public as a presenter at conferences. In addition, Regina offers retreats and workshops for those who wish to ‘Dive Deep’ into a new understanding of the nature of reality and life itself. In this venue she shares her exclusive approach to meditation and regression work for a greater understanding of life’s challenges and identifying the innate joys.



JUNE 20TH-26TH 2020

6 Day Event

Event Schedule

# Session Speakers Time Venue
1 Keynote: Living in a Multi-Dimensional World

Keynote: Living in a Multi-Dimensional World

What if our current understanding of what it is to be human is incomplete? How do we account for the deep schism between our daily survival behavior and the divine genius that allows us to recognize beauty, goodness and invention?  Regina Meredith will share an expanded rendering of the origins of the human species that details our multidimensional nature and adds deeper understanding of how our multidimensional mind functions. This story strips away any notion of personal disempowerment and helps equip us to establish a more effective connection with the elevated aspects of ourselves, which paves the way for a lightness of being in a seemingly dense world around us.

Regina Meredith
2 - Q&A with Regina

- Q&A with Regina

3 Quantifying Mental Abilities

Quantifying Mental Abilities

Quantum physics confirms that reality is nowhere near as stable as originally thought:  the simple act of observation changes whether photons behave like particles or waves.  We know that Mandela Effects change the past.  ThetaStream investigates whether the human mind can influence reality in the "now" with tools based on decades of research conducted by Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research.  Three types of challenges utilizing tools built using a Random Number Generator are freely available online, and will be explored and tested during this conference.  https://ThetaStream.app

Akronos Mago
4 - Q&A with Akronos

- Q&A with Akronos

5 A Necessary Paradigm Change

A Necessary Paradigm Change

A review of different anomalous phenomena throughout human history offers profound insights into the true nature of reality.  While science strives to supply answers to our greatest questions, it has historically dismissed paranormal research. The Mandela Effect might be the key to uniting not only science and the paranormal, but also to providing valuable insights for initiating a scientific paradigm shift toward the elusive Theory of Everything sought by Einstein and so many others.

Jerry Hicks
6 - Q&A with Jerry

- Q&A with Jerry

7 Day One Panel Discussion

Day One Panel Discussion

# Session Speakers Time Venue
1 Fathers Day - Conference Resumes 6/22/2020

Fathers Day - Conference Resumes 6/22/2020

# Session Speakers Time Venue
1 My Mandela Effect Journey

My Mandela Effect Journey

Leading up to 2012, I was fascinated by the idea of the end of the Mayan calendar and what it could possibly mean for humanity. This led to me to create a video about a coming shift in human consciousness that was predicted by many different ancient cultures around the world. This vision finally became a reality when my son asked me a series of questions from a youtube video he had seen about the Mandela Effect, and I got every one of them wrong. I was instantly mind blown by this phenomenon and didn't think twice about changing my financial Youtube channel into a channel for the Mandela Effect. I initially had no idea how important this channel would become for the many people going through this phenomenon and how my videos would end up being an important meeting place for discussion. There are many theories as to the how and why this has happened and although I don't claim to have all the answers, for me the explosion of the Mandela Effect is related to the Great awakening happening on the planet and the consciousness shift that I was expecting.

Evan Matraia
2 - Q&A with Evan

- Q&A with Evan

3 Cosmic Revelations and the M.E.

Cosmic Revelations and the M.E.

Cosmic Correlations with the Mandela Effect can be seen in: our thinning magnetosphere, Schumann Resonance spikes, Magnetic Pole Drift, heating up of all planets, “dirty cosmos” filled with gamma radiation and helium clouds our solar system passes through.  This ties in with the possibilities of the end of the Kali Yuga, The Great Year theory, with a possible twin sun approaching, NASA’s New Planet 9, and the cyclical crust displacement theory. The inter-relationships of all these factors with the quickening of the Mandela Effect phenomenon and possible changes to human brainwaves will be discussed.

Eileen Colts
4 - Q&A with Eileen

- Q&A with Eileen

5 Revelations in Mandela Effect Changes

Revelations in Mandela Effect Changes

Shane shares important messages he has received from the Mandela Effect changes, regarding the nature of our reality and where humanity is headed. Once Shane overcame the initial shock of seeing reality and history changing in seemingly impossible ways, he took a deeper look at who or what could be causing these changes, and whether these changes are simply random. If there is a deeper purpose behind these changes, what might they be trying to tell us?

Shane Robinson
6 - Q&A with Shane

- Q&A with Shane

7 Day Two Panel Discussion

Day Two Panel Discussion

# Session Speakers Time Venue
1 Timeline Paradoxes: The 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster

Timeline Paradoxes: The 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster

The Mandela Effect community has raised questions over the years regarding the fate of the seven astronauts on board the Space Shuttle Challenger. This is because there appears to be doppelgangers alive who resemble and even have the same names and birthdays as the deceased astronauts.  Was the disaster a hoax by NASA, as many people have assumed?  Or is there something else at play?  Prepare to have your consciousness expanded with what actually happened when a “timeline paradox” was created.  This talk will provide insights as to how timelines work abiding by universal laws within our holographic universe.

Christopher Anatra
2 - Q&A with Chris

- Q&A with Chris

3 The Heart, Science, and Future of M.E.

The Heart, Science, and Future of M.E.

How can we pave the way for this new, highly conscious, generation of children?  How can we help prevent distortion in their perception of truth?  What can we teach these children, and what can we learn from them?  What is "base reality" (or "heaven") and do children, perhaps, inherently know the way?

Lauren Connell Pavelka
4 - Q&A with Lauren

- Q&A with Lauren

5 Crafting Your World

Crafting Your World

Through our thoughts, our words, our emotions we create our experiences. If we want higher quality experiences, we must choose higher quality thoughts. What brings you joy? What makes you happy? Whatever those are for you, do more of them. For when you are happy, you will draw more to you that has you feeling happy.  Begin your day in gratitude. Create your narrative, consciously and with intention. What is it you wish to experience that day? What world do you wish to inhabit? Is it a humane one, a just one, where all life is treated with consideration and care? If so, choose it, because only you can.

Nicole DeMario
6 - Q&A with Nichole

- Q&A with Nichole

7 Day Three Panel Discussion

Day Three Panel Discussion

# Session Speakers Time Venue
1 The Voyage of the Mandela Effect

The Voyage of the Mandela Effect

Just as Charles Darwin embarked on voyage aboard the HMS Beagle, those of us experiencing the Mandela Effect are making detailed, first-hand observations "On the Origin of Reality."  Our shared observations become a body of empirical evidence into the inner workings of the Mandela Effect, providing insights into the way consciousness interacts with the physical world.

Cynthia Sue Larson
2 - Q&A with Cynthia

- Q&A with Cynthia

3 Spiritual and Tangible

Spiritual and Tangible

The Mandela Effect is showing us the remarkable attributes of the Human Being.  Dale shares the first thing that the Mandela Effect and being affected showed him, which was that this is all about Creation, as Human Beings and the Earth we live on.  This talk shares what the Mandela Effect is revealing, and how that is exactly what it's supposed to do!  It's revealing wonderful things that are new to us, yet have always been.  Which is that we and all life on Earth has a parallel existence on a multitude of Earths.

Dale DuFay
4 - Q&A with Dale

- Q&A with Dale

5 The Universes We Inhabit

The Universes We Inhabit

We live in many realities in our everyday existence where we act, react, and interact in alternate realities. This is the realm of a quantum existence—non-rational, true, and infinitely expansive. The boundlessness of such universes is the source of unimpeded opportunity, ceaseless joy, and confirmation of the greatness of our existence. Engels-Smith shares experiences with miraculous healing and with patients diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder--commonly known as alters or dissociated parts, or Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). Witnessing these people change form and character in front of Engels-Smith's eyes changed her forever.

Jan Engels-Smith
6 - Q&A with Jan

- Q&A with Jan

7 Day Four Panel Discussion

Day Four Panel Discussion

# Session Speakers Time Venue
1 Can the Past Predict the Future? Patterns and Trends

Can the Past Predict the Future? Patterns and Trends

In a world where our assumptions are regularly tested and our expectations are often confounded, how do we know where we stand?  From mandanimals to Monopoly Man, the Mandela effect changes may often seem haphazard and random, but a surprising number of patterns can be found in the development of our reality so far.  Join in an exploration of these patterns that includes fascinating insights into their potential ramifications for our future.

Eva Nie
2 - Q&A with Eva

- Q&A with Eva

3 Lucidity in this Dream

Lucidity in this Dream

The idea of lucidity in this dream has the power to unite science and spirituality, bring magic into our lives, and deliver tools that we need to succeed in life and manifest our dreams.  With these tools, we can transform ourselves and environment regardless what situation we are born into or find ourselves in.  We can reclaim our freedom and sovereignty, and break through any perceived limitations with courage to find Truth.  Are you ready to form your own rabbit hole and quantum jump to being the greatest version of yourself?

Sean Bond
4 - Q&A with Sean

- Q&A with Sean

5 It's not a secret, It's a surprise

It's not a secret, It's a surprise

Does expectation play into how we experience, interpret, and process the wishes life is ceaselessly granting us? What IS Love, who do we trust, why do we trust them, what is Faith and where do we put all of these elements within ourselves so we may be constant joyful givers and receivers?  Is our judgement of right and wrong in the way of achieving this constant? Could preparing ourselves for the element of surprise assist in guiding us effortlessly through infinite potentials into celebratory, joyful unknown outcomes?! Join KLH as we explore how to release information within a present moment from the boundary conditions set by stubborn schema so we may better grasp a more expansive, dynamic, elegant understanding of information, our universe and the mechanical workings we are a part of. Asking Good questions leads to interesting rides: So prepare for the unexpected as we find out more through all of our eyes.

Kimberly-Lynn Hanson
6 - Q&A with Kimberly

- Q&A with Kimberly

7 Day Five Panel Discussion

Day Five Panel Discussion

# Session Speakers Time Venue
1 Contest Results

Contest Results

Akronos Mago
2 - Q&A with Akronos

- Q&A with Akronos

3 Closing Thoughts on Revelations of the Mandela Effect

Closing Thoughts on Revelations of the Mandela Effect

Cynthia, Chris, Jerry, Shane, Lauren & Kimberly
4 Day Six Panel Discussion

Day Six Panel Discussion



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• We come together from many walks of life, with a mutual passion to share positive, transformative information about the Mandela Effect.
• We are artists, authors, and visionaries dedicated to validating peoples’ experiences with the Mandela Effect.

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