What is “The Mandela Effect?”


Every day more and more people are waking up to the Mandela Effect. If you look on Youtube or Google there are about twice as many explanations then there are videos. In this article I am going to attempt to sum up the phenomenon in a way that is simple and straightforward. First though we must  understand where the name itself comes from.

In the 1980’s the world was very, very different then it is today. There was no internet and if a home had a computer they probably had it for only a business purpose, like spreadsheets. The news was carried about three times a day on most channels, not that there was a very large selection back then. The point is that news was presented differently. I remember seeing a news report as a child about South African president Nelson Mandela dying in prison while the U.S. was attempting a rescue  mission and what a sad day that it was for the world.

It turns out that I am not the only one that shares this memory. During a convention, a lady known as Fiona Broome was discussing this very thing with a group of friends in 2010 , only to be shocked to find out that Nelson Mandela was very much ALIVE at the time. He did not pass away until 2013. This became known as the first instance , and coining of the phrase, “ The Mandela Effect”. This is only one of a number of M.E. examples. This article , however, is not covering the examples specifically.

Most people who have studied it will tell you that it is , in its essence, a large group of people that share the EXACT SAME memory that does not match recorded history. And while this is completely true, it is this writer’s opinion that there is much more to it. Like what, you may be asking? Well, I would be glad to tell you.

From the data that I have been able to collect for the last 5 years, I have found some intriguing results thus far. The first commonality that shines through right away is that most people who experience the Effect are empathic people. Before you think I have gone into the realm of woo-woo, I assure you that I have not. Being empathic merely means having empathy towards other humans, and to what degree. Most people that I have met in the M.E. community are highly empathetic towards others, or, to put it another way, highly empathic.

Another trait that I have found the community sharing is an open minded interest in what are usually considered “fringe” topics. Though this is not 100% of the time. Although ,  once a person has experienced this effect, and starts to realize the implications of it, not much else is off of the table as far as fringe topics go. But most people that I have met in the community enjoy research and learning new things.

There also seems to be a very metaphysical and spiritual aspect to it. NO, theMandela Effect is not “some new aged concept”.  However, a lot of people have been led in their research to concepts that introduce new age aspects. Some theories ( my own included) even go as far as to mention the biblical veil between worlds being damaged, or even purposefully thinning, but that is a topic for another series of articles altogether. This was however one of my first theories about twenty minutes after stumbling across the M.E..  To round off this aspect, I would like to say that once you do experience an effect in your world, it does become quite a personal experience, which makes it no wonder that a lot of people invoke a religious aspect. The fact that some Mandela Effects can be found in the Holy Bible also lends credence to the spiritual aspects of it.

I have also long theorized that the videos on youtube about people having time slip situations could also be an aspect of the effect too. This is more speculative than fact, but it seems to me that if someone can step into another time period, however briefly (and many have made reports), then it could be connected to an effect that, on its surface, suggests “edits” in our timestream. Also, there are millions of people that seem to vanish into thin air every year and no one has an explanation. There is even one case reported in the 1800’s about a farmer who vanished into thin air while standing in a field waving at  a passing carriage. This happened in front of a group of people including his wife, children, and even a preacher. The man was never seen again. Could this also be tied to the effect? That answer is yours to speculate.

Another aspect of the phenomenon are the number synchronicities that are reported by the majority of community members. By number synchronicities i mean like when you just happen to look at the clock at 4:44 the you go to the store and make a purchase and the total just  happens to come to $4.44. This is just one example of such a synchronicity, albeit a simple one. Some people see 11:11 everywhere they go. What makes this anomalous is not only that it happens to almost the entire community. No, what makes this anomalous is the fact that it happens to these folks every day. For some it gets almost to the point of ridiculousness.

In this article I have attempted to lay out what the Mandela Effect is, and also how much more could be connected to it than originally thought. Hopefully this information has helped in some way. Always fact check everything that you read, and use your own discernment in all things.

Jerry Hicks


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