It’s not a secret, It’s a surprise


Does expectation play into how we experience, interpret, and process the wishes life is ceaselessly granting us? What IS Love, who do we trust, why do we trust them, what is Faith and where do we put all of these elements within ourselves so we may be constant joyful givers and receivers?  Is our judgement of right and wrong in the way of achieving this constant? Could preparing ourselves for the element of surprise assist in guiding us effortlessly through infinite potentials into celebratory, joyful unknown outcomes?! Join KLH as we explore how to release information within a present moment from the boundary conditions set by stubborn schema so we may better grasp a more expansive, dynamic, elegant understanding of information, our universe and the mechanical workings we are a part of. Asking Good questions leads to interesting rides: So prepare for the unexpected as we find out more through all of our eyes.